Shipping to Europe

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04/02/2017 - 9:43am
Shipping to Europe


In the QA section of US Amazon for the Stretchsit Cushion I have read that there are plans to sell the Gokhale products directly in Europe, thus lowering the shipping cost for the Europeans. I was wondering if this is still planned and what are the updates.

Basically, I'm from Slovakia, interested in both Stretchsit and Head cushions, but the cost of shipping from the US is almost equal to the price of the product.

Alternativelly, does any of the European-based instructors sell and post Gokhale products for the EU?

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06/24/2015 - 9:51am

Dear Milan,

thanks for your request for products in Europe. Yes, we are working on solutions to sell the Gokhale Method products via our own European store and the European Amazon Marketplaces. Unfortunately, we can’t provide a timeline right now.

Most our teachers sell the stretchsit cushion and the head cushion directly to their students. Thus, I recommend contacting the European teachers to find out if they can arrange a shipping (at better rates, compared to shipping from the US) to you.

If not happened already, I’d suggest subscribing to our newsletter to receive announcements on our latest developments.

Best regards!


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