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नींव पाठ्यक्रम

The Gokhale Method Foundations Course offers an in-depth introduction to our method in a sequence of six lessons carefully developed by our founder Esther Gokhale over decades of teaching. With its small class size and excellent student:teacher ratio, our Foundations Course can change your habits efficiently and profoundly through a combination of verbal explanation, visual materials, and gentle hands-on guidance from one of our many qualified Gokhale Method teachers, all of whom are trained personally by Esther herself.

Foundations Courses can help you:

  • कम या musculoskeletal दर्द के कई प्रकार खत्म

  • संयुक्त अध: पतन को रोकने के

  • ऊर्जा, सहनशक्ति, और लचीलापन बढ़ाने के लिए

  • आपके रक्त परिसंचरण और साँस लेने में सुधार

  • तनाव को कम करने

  • देखो और अधिक आत्मविश्वास महसूस

Foundations Courses are offered frequently in a variety of locations. They are also available in a private setting with Gokhale Method teachers for even more personalized attention.

क्लास साइज़: 8 छात्र (अधिकतम)

लागत: $450 (group)

यहां क्लिक करे for international and private rates.

Group Foundations Courses: