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Thoracic herniation

jamesndc की तस्वीर
Last seen:
15 hours 43 min ago
06/24/2019 - 6:33am
Thoracic herniation


I've read the book and am considering taking one of the classes, but I have a question about hernated disks in the thoracic region. The book addresses lumbar herniations and advises which of the 8 tools can be used without problems, but it does not speak to thoracic hernations.

I have a small herniation on the T10 and T8 discs notice when I stretch seat, I'll often get a sharp pain in the thoracic area when I first "stretch". The pain is for a second or two then goes away. I'm wondering if expanding the lumbar region results in compression in the thoracic area. Are the techniques safe to use if you have a thoracic herniation?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.