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Squatting and lack of hemorrhoid in Asian population

zgirshfeld की तस्वीर
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2 weeks 4 days ago
01/19/2019 - 10:39am
Squatting and lack of hemorrhoid in Asian population


It is related to Esther Gokhale recent "Squatting" video.

Yesterday PT told me that in Asian cultures women so not sit down on toilet stand...or did not use to sit down...

They squat.

She said they do mot have hemorrhoid conditions.

She proceeded to explain to me how sitting on a usual toilet stand contributes to hemorrhoid stuff...i did not really get it...something about pelvic area angle.

So i would like to ask if  anyone  knows anything...please share with us. What is exactly the difference between squatting and sitting down on the toilet for women in the sense of muscles and pelvic rotation (i guess in Esther terms "tacking your butt")?  How it affects blood flow and hemorrhoid?

Zoya Girshfeld,    LCSW