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rib anchor to event out the ribs?

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06/28/2018 - 1:25pm
rib anchor to event out the ribs?

Hi! I have a problem with my ribs: my ribcage is rotated to the right a bit so that my left rib looks flaring more than the other, i also have scoliosis. I can feel the whole right side including the abs and erector,and even psoas is very tight while the left side is more relaxed and passive, i think this is what makes my ribcage rotate. I now do rib anchor exercise and like it very much but wont it do more harm in my case ? I hope to even out my ribs with the exercise..

Thank you!

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Hi Alensa,

Its good to hear that you are able to do rib anchor most of the time. Rib anchor won't do any harm as long as you don’t push too far, no pain must be felt. It will make the needed deep abdominal muscles stronger.

And as you mentioned one side of the rib cage is more flared up than the other, you can engage the Rib anchor more on that side (left) to help flatten that side more. 

Also engaging inner corset from time to time will lengthen the spine and tease out the extra curvature. 

You can always work on lengthening the tight muscles on the right with our different techniques like stretchsitting  and exercices in the appendix of the book.


Hope it helps.

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