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Bending thoracic spine - Physio advice

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02/18/2018 - 4:47pm
Bending thoracic spine - Physio advice


I have chronic upper body pain (and more recently hips and knees as well). I have been using the Gokhale Method from what I have learned from the book, DVD and free materials. It is very helpful for sure but I still struggle, so I go to Physical Therapy and other professionals when I can afford.

Many physio therapists have been recommending me to rest my mid back (around bra line) on a foam roller and bend backwards. They say it is supposed to work on mobility of my spine, which is very stiff. 

My question is..is this really healthy?

I saw a video of Esther saying that she doesn't recommend this kind of thing. As far as I know so far, there is no exercise in this Method that asks for any bending on the spine unless the lumbar area. I hope I am correct on this...

How do you recommend working on mobility of spine if it seems that all the exercises asks for maintaining an erect J spine? What if , for example, I need to curve my spine during dancing? If we never work on moving the spine in different directions, how would we keep our vertebrates mobile? I feel confused about it.

Thank you for any clarification.