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Yoga in general - whether to do at all and what to avoid

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05/24/2019 - 10:27am
Yoga in general - whether to do at all and what to avoid

Hello, Esther!

I discovered you on the Wise Tradiitons podcast of the Weston A Price Foundation and bought your book and a Stretchsitting cushion. I only just started, and I'm getting great results just from Stretchsitting and Stretchlying on my back and side, in fact better results from the yoga that I've been trying for a while (Bikram's and more). I have no real back issues except tension and occasional soreness. I just want to have a healthy back and avoid problems. I'm wondering if I should do yoga at all. It doesn't really seem like an ancestral thing, and many of the poses don't seem natural and even seem grotesque. Now that I'm a little familiar with your Method, I'm concerned especially about the backbends and the twistings of the spine...all of the poses that bend and twist the spine. I'm open to advice about whether to do yoga at all, and I'd also like to know how to determine which poses to avoid. Is there a list of approved and disapproved poses? Thanks so much!