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ऑनलाइन विश्वविद्यालय की जानकारी

The Gokhale Online University is a rich resource designed for alumni of our Gokhale Method Foundations, Pop-up, or Elements Courses. The mix of offerings help deepen and extend your learning, and inspire you to apply Gokhale Method principles in everything you do.

The Online University is currently only available to our alumni.

Join our alumni community

प्रारंभ your journey in Primal Posture™ and a Pain-Free Lifestyle™ with an Initial Consultation or an Online Initial Consultation. A qualified Gokhale Method teacher will:

  • help you gain insight into how your posture connects with your symptoms
  • recommend the best course format/teacher for you.

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जारी रखें and become an alumnus by completing one of the following Gokhale Method courses.

कोर्स व्यक्ति में ऑनलाइन 1-ऑन-1 समूह निजी समूह
मूलाधार कोर्स
पॉप-अप कोर्स
गोखले तत्व

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